Finding your perfect neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most important parts of finding your home. If you love the house but hate the neighbors, or have the perfect kitchen but dread an agonizing commute, you will never be completely happy there.

So how do you find the neighbourhood that is right for you? First, you will have to figure out what is important; is it the school district, proximity to parks, or something else that simply cannot live without? 

Once you find a neighbourhood that meets your parameters, spend some time there. Walking through the streets, visiting local shops and restaurants, or simply taking a drive can helo you to get a sense of a communities "personality".

Here are few questions that can help you figure out if a neighborhood is right for you:

What types of people live there? Families? Retirees? First-time homeowners? Professionals with no kids? An area populated mainly by young families, for example, will feel very different from one with lots of college and university students.

How convenient is it? Where’s the closest grocery store, gym or dry cleaner? What will your commute to work be like, and are you willing to make that drive, whatever the distance, every day?

Another important factor could be the school catchment you live in. This is where kids spend most of their day, so you need to be happy with the options based on your home address. Figure out exactly where schools are located to see if your kids can walk or if they’ll have to be driven or bussed.

To check a school zone based on address, click the link below.

What are the property values like? Your home is an investment, so it pays to buy in an area where properties will increase in value. Ask your realtor for info on property values in the area and what may be on the horizon for development in that area as it can change the overall feel of a community.

Finding a neighborhood you like is just as important as living in a home you love. Good neighbors, great amenities, and nice schools can make or break how you feel about your home. A local realtor who lives in, and knows the area can help you make sure you are making the perfect choice.