For Sellers


A world pandemic is certainly causing some stress, and changing some timelines when it comes to selling your home, but what if you have a time restraint and need to sell now?

A good real estate agent has the resources and technology to help you through this uncharted territory. You may not be able to hold an open house, but 3D pictures, virtual tours and even online "walk throughs" of your home are available. Along with online documents, and other technological aids, you can get your home sold.

Have questions about what the process would look like for you? Give us a call.

Get Ready to Sell Your Home

Feeling ready to sell? Your home is a perfect representation of you, but how will that translate for potential buyers? A realtor can help make small changes that can make your house feel like the perfect home for a buyer, which could mean a faster, more profitable sale for you.

1. De-personalize the space

Prospective buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in a space, which can be hard to do when your families memories are glaringly obvious. Small changes like putting away family photos, personal collections can make a big impact to a buyer.

2. Declutter

If the space in your home is filled by all of your belongings, buyers may not be able to see the amount of space your home truly has. Clutter makes them think there won’t be enough room for their stuff.
• Leave tabletops, dressers and kitchen counters clear.
• Store extra clothes to make closets look spacious.
• Remove any junk in the garage, attic or basement so that buyers can really see the storage space available. Throw away or donate anything you don’t want, and put the rest in storage, if possible.
• If you have special pieces like an heirloom chandelier or expensive window coverings, replace them with something you don’t mind leaving behind.If buyers see it, they may ask to have it included in the sale.

3. Clean, clean, clean.

Clean, well taken care of are instantly more attractive to buyers. Even small improvements can make a big impact, so be sure not to spend to much on big fixes. Once everything is up to date and clean, make sure to keep cleaning as you go, in order to be show ready, even when you are out.

Pay special attention to any odors in your home, as this will instantly make a buyer think the house is unclean. 

You may have some work ahead of you, but all of the work you put into your place will pay for itself in the end.


4. All the World's a Stage

A staged home sells faster; it is that simple. Some simple steps can help your space look more open and bright and focus the buyers on your home's great selling features!
• Make up the guest room with fluffy pillows and a pretty comforter.
• Hang your nicest towels in the bathrooms.
• Paint the main rooms in a fresh, neutral colour.
• Arrange your furniture to maximize space, then store whatever doesn’t fit.
• Add some greenery. Well placed plants and flowers, will add some fresh life into the space.

5. Make a great first impression

Curb appeal can really help sell a house so take some time to really take a look at the first impression your house gives.
• Trim the bushes, and keep your evenly cut and edged.
• Refresh the front door to give that "welcome home" look
• Give the exterior brick, siding and windows a good clean.  A power washer can do wonders.
• A pool should appear as an oasis, so ensure it is clean and well maintained.

Need more help making your house sale-ready? Your REALTOR® knows what buyers want and can help you figure out exactly what needs to be done.